About us

About us


Dada’s kilt is a site shared by Scottish artists, husband and wife, Dougie and Morag Muego.

We have been making art both separately and together since we first met.

And yes, it really is daddy’s kilt – a small piece of tartan from the kilt Morag’s dad wore.

And Dada, because the spirit of Dada lives on in the rejection of the status quo, and in being anti establishment – and who shouldn’t be in these times? For Europe, not Britain is our cultural home. That is what nourishes and stimulates  us as visual artists. In our blog, we aim to share positive ideas, images and experiences of European culture and the world beyond.

Dougie’s story
DA at Glasgow School of Art and then taught.
Has exhibited at :-RGI (Glasgow) SSA (Edinburgh) VAS and RSW (Edinburgh),
RSA open (Edinburgh) and in a number of joint and solo shows

Work now includes art, music, video and  blogs on diverse themes about art, design, music, culture and politics and identity.


Morag’s story

1971 Diploma in Drawing&Painting from Glasgow School of Art

Taught art until 2004

Selective Exhibitions at RGI, Glasgow, RSA Open, Edinburgh, RSW, Edinburgh 2010-2012

Installations at Pollok House, Glasgow 2012 and SSA, Edinburgh 2013

Delivered art/print/animation/interactive workshops to children and adults 2007-2014





2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi there Eilidh’s parents, I love your work. Having graduated from art school last year, I am keen to increase my exposure to great work. I aspire to the variety and experience in your work. Thanks for posting it – I will keep watching for updates!
    Cheers, Denise


    1. Hi Denise,
      glad you enjoyed it – as you can see, we have been lazy about updating it – too many other jobs over the last wee while. Maybe we will get round to it soon again! Send us a link to your work – we’d like to see what you do
      regards, Morag


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