our videos

our short films, some related to politics, others to travel, culture or art, are often made with handheld camera or iPad.

SNP candidate Richard Arkless launching his #GE17 campaign in Dumfries town centre on Saturday 13th May. We want him as our SNP MP again for dumfries&Galloway!

a record of a visit to the Vuitton building in Paris with music recorded in the Metro on the way

this video relates to the hand array event described on our collaborative work page

flight performance from Morag Muego on Vimeo.

A street performance in Nieuwe Binnenweg, Rotterdam in June 2016. An informal, immediate tableau, part of a bigger festival, art as enchantment

girls rehearsing their dance routine on a corner of Schouwburgplein, a big central space in Rotterdam next to the IMAX cinema

In the run up to the General Election in 2015, we made a video to help Richard Arkless with his campaign. He went on to win the Dumfries and Galloway seat for the SNP

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